Sunday, February 8, 2015

Precious the Gift: A Short Film by Rene Sing Brooks

As in nature, a diverse system or community, where each member has the opportunity to contribute to its overall success, is one that is potentially more robust, vibrant and resilient.

Last year, I interviewed John Maney (Connections: An Interview With John Maney, Jr...) about the writing and poetry workshops he conducts. During those sessions, he creates a safe space for those who have often lacked the ability or opportunity to give voice to their experiences. In so doing. . .helping them to capture and share their diverse, but often marginalized, perspectives.

This desire and ability to include rather than exclude is indeed a precious gift artists share with us every day.

Therefore, I am very pleased and excited to present here, this brief film, an artistic collaboration between Queens micro-filmmaker Rene Sing and Bronx poet/writer John Maney, giving us an additional peek into John's creative process.


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