Thursday, May 23, 2013

About Me

I'm just an ordinary New Yorker who has always had a keen interest in the environment, sustainability and effective, efficient use of resources. As an eco-blogger and photo-journalist, I write about and visually capture the intersection between environmental stewardship, the built environment and personal and community resilience. 

I've completed a Permaculture Design certification through Andrew Faust's Center for Bioregional Living as well as an Eco-design/Feng Shui certification through the Holis Institute. Both of these experiences were personally transformative and increased my awareness and understanding of holistic, regenerative approaches to living.

In addition to With Intent I've authored two other blogs:
  • Permie Peeks – a virtual space where tenacity, hope and delight meet.
  • twigghugger – a guide to eco-friendly tips for decluttering
In my spare time I volunteer with GreenHomeNYC a local non-profit engaged in green building education and outreach.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013


The notion of "being green" has taken off in the public awareness, and there are all manner of websites popping up, filled with tips on how to go-green, shop green, live green, work green, etc. You name it, there’s a way to green it!  This often amounts to a hodgepodge of tips and ideas that people can choose, based on convenience or inclination. At best, they offer a haphazard approach to lifestyle change, however, absent a holistic approach, may not have lasting impact.  That is, they may not be effective over the long-term.

At With Intent, I hope to provide a framework, along with informational resources, for approaching these changes in a deliberate, intentional but most importantly, in a holistic way.  This will better enable you to see beyond individual activities or habits and to begin considering how your actions affect systems both locally and globally.

Hopefully, this way of thinking will eventually become second nature for you.

Let's get started!